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October 26, 2004

Tech Nightmares: Windows XP SP2 | [All About e]

CNET从上世纪以来一直都是我最喜欢的网站之一,而2000年时因为一些个人原因而决定婉拒CNET China给的Deputy Producer的Offer更让我耿耿于怀至今,以至于今天贴这篇文章时还觉得不吐不快。



Tech Nightmares:Windows XP SP2

By Gregg Keizer
(October 22, 2004)

Windows XP was getting leaky, like an old, rotting ghost ship beset by code-eating worms and skulking security monsters. So to exorcise this ship's demons, Microsoft had to purge the ghouls, then patch like never before. Hence, we have the good ship Windows XP SP2, which set sail two months ago.

Anyone who owns a PC can't do without Windows (let's be honest, how many of us will actually spend the time to decipher Linux?), and you're probably as eager to keep hackers, viruses, and Trojan horses as far from your PC as the next guy. But while Windows XP SP2 takes a more proactive defense against viruses, potentially dangerous files, and, of course, stupid human tricks, its new antics are sure to rub longtime Windows users the wrong way. Worse, like every major Windows upgrade--and don't let the name fool you, SP2 is major--it busts some applications.

From Monday through Friday this week, we'll tackle a frightening new XP SP2 tale of terror each day. Our tips and hints will help you deal with SP2--or keep it at arm's length if that's what you want--so that you can smoothly sail the Windows waters.

...From CNET Reviews


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