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December 30, 2004

Mozilla起内讧 | [All About e]

PluginDoc,是位于mozdev的帮助Mozilla(包括Mozilla Suite, Firefox, Netscape)用户使用浏览器插件的在线资源库,由Michael "Hendikins" Hendy维护。

今天在MozillaZine看到一条消息,由于Michael Hendy与Mozilla基金会之间存在冲突,前者宣布正式暂停这个项目,原因是“recent (and mostly political) problems with a related Mozilla Foundation project I contribute to”,而如果没有可接受的解决方案的话,Michael Hendy将会把整个项目关闭,且不准备将其移交给其他人。

至于这个political problem,表象上看就是Mozilla基金会推出了一个beta版的Mozilla Update,在这个站点里,Mozilla基金会提供了与PluginDoc完全相同的服务,尽管在页面底部有这样的一行字:

Looking for a plugin not listed here?
This page only lists the most common and most popular plugins. For more information about other plugins available for Mozilla-based Browsers, visit PluginDoc.

Michael Hendy在MozillaZine Forum发表了这样的帖子:

I've currently suspended work on PluginDoc, pending resolution of (mostly petty political) issues with Mozilla Update.

I may cease work on PluginDoc, or even remove it entirely, if a satisfactory solution to the problems with Mozilla Update is not reached.

My goodwill and patience with the Mozilla Foundation are stretched to breaking point, due to petty politics, and the apparent "Market Firefox at all costs" attitude that seems to have taken root. This isn't the project I started looking at in 1999.

I do not wish for any inconvenience to users, however, I think certain parties need a reality check.

I'll post a follow-up if a. I kill off PluginDoc, and b. the post survives.

...From MozillaZine Forum

在Open Source社群内,这种现象似乎永远都不会消失,因为没有中央集权,contributor之间或者contributor与foundation之间永远都有可能发生矛盾冲突。站在Mozilla项目长远发展的立场看,将Plugin的内容整合到Mozilla Update站点之中,对最终用户来说绝对是一件好事,这是方便用户嘛。如果Microsoft之类的商业机构做类似的事情,就会很简单,把原先独立的项目关闭掉就好了,可问题就在于这件事发生在Open Source社群,Michael老人家辛辛苦苦经营他的PluginDoc项目三年,如今被人抢走了“生意”,换了谁心里都不舒服。


Posted by PP at December 30, 2004 01:25 PM

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